"Fido, Fetch my keys !"

New product

Dog shaped key-ring that beeps and flashes when you whistle to find your keys.

9,00 CHF

Dog shaped key finder Stop! Put that spaniel down!


We've found an easier way to find your keys – although if you've gone through 6 months of feeding your keys to your dog so he associates finding them with being fed, who are we to stop you?


The RSPCA on the other hand would be very keen to catch you at home, where you definitely will be for 3 days at a time while your keys flop around inside man's best friend!


Fetch My Keys is a dog shaped key ring designed to fetch your keys (or at least alert you to where they are) should you lose them down the back of your couch.

Whistling sets off a beeper inside the key ring, and causes the dog's nose to flash, guiding you to them like a good companion should


Width : 45 mm
Height : 45 mm
Depth : 12 mm




Designer and editor : Suck UK



Recyclable Packaging : Made from materials that can easily be recycled if disposed of correctly.

Not for Children May contain small parts. Not suitable for children.

CE (EU Only) : Tested to meet the health, safety and environmental protection requirements of the European Directives.

RoHS : Restriction of Hazardous Substances. 

WEEE (EU Only) : Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive reduces the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and encourages reuse and recycling. 

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