Mini Camera Vintage 8mm "Bee"

New product

Only 7 cm for this mini digi-video camera that shoots in a retro mode!

55,30 CHF


79,00 CHF

Whether you be indoor or outdoor, this mini camera will enable you to make past-flavoured memories!
Easy to carry with its pocket format, your photos and films will have an irresistible vintage touch. 
See demonstration video below!
Photos have a 1280 x 960 resolution and films 640 x 480/30fPs. With an integrated battery charging via USB, it will allow you to shoot up to 100 minutes.  
Built-in battery of 100 minutes onto a microSD 
1.3 million pixels
1280×960 photo resolution
Maximum aperture of ƒ2.8
Shutter speed from 1/6 - 1/2500 sec
640x480 / 30 fps video resolution
Can communicate with both PC and MAC via USB
Size: 35 × 70 × 15mm
Weigth 39g
Tripod mount on the bottom of the handle
Accessory includes a personal "red, white, and blue" strap
MicroSD memory card up to 16GB (not included).
Designer : Fuuvi

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