"The Flattering Mirror"

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Flaatering mirror : a flood of compliments to get the day off to a good start !

48,75 CHF


75,00 CHF

Designer: Joop Steenkamer Jr.

"Mirror, mirror,..." is THE essential design piece to have at home! And in the english version, it is suitable for both women and men...!

Its flattering compliments on the mirror will give you an incredible pep in the morning.

Extract : 

" Oh how beautiful you are! You're charming. You look gorgeous! It's fantastic. You are infinitely attractive! I think that you are fabulous, just fabulous! You are absolutely delectable. Your hair is really stunning, it sparkles with life! I love the way that you do your hair, that silken head of curls and waves is glorious......"

Squared mirror 30 x 30 cm
Material : silver-like mirror
Back : wood with integrated hook (wall mounted) 

Exists in English and French versions.