Yan Nascimbene, illustrator

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Yan Nascimbene, 1949 - 2013. Yan Nascimbene was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine 3 April 1949, to an Italian father and a French mother.

His childhood and adolescence are shared between Italy and France. He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the University of California, Davis.     



From fashion photography to painting and cinema, with the completion in 1981 of a long-length fiction film, "The Mediterranean", he then turned to the illustration. Back in Europe, he continued his career with success, he produced more than 300 book covers and illustrated fifty children's books as 'Palomar' or 'Yuki and thousand carriers' and several works of Italo Calvino like 'Adventure' in 2001.

Far from any bias of illustration, each image is born of an intention born of reading the text. A masterpiece Esther Calvino, writer's widow, hailed as "a marvel of delicacy and sensitivity". And in fact, the New York Society of Illustrators awarded him a silver medal for Adventures.           


Nascimbene work is regularly exhibited in the United States, Japan and Italy. Its subtle and melancholic drawing is a great success, it is dedicated to 3 times by the price chart of the International Fair of Bologna. The works of Yan Nascimbene are also regularly exhibited in the United States.           


Painter of silence and discretion, suspension and space, this lover of Vermeer, Monet, Valotton, de Stael, Hopper and Rothko worth seeing as it has ceased to be: an artist requires a modesty and grace flawless.

(Source : Evene / Le Monde)


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