Organic cotton : why is it more and more spoken about?

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Organic cotton is more and more spoken about.

You probably have seen a store near you offering clothing labeled "organic cotton". Not to mention their prices that can sometimes be seen as an investment! 

So, yes, we know that the challenges are global, that ecology is a theme become essential for our future. But every day, you do not really time to think about it and take care ... Like me, you're sensitive, but if one were to study all the products we consume every day, we would live in Larzac to s occupy our vegetable garden and raise our sheep ...

However, small streams by large rivers, you have to start somewhere: be informed, not only the harmful effects that conventional cotton production entails, but also dangers that entails for us everyday. This is a first step in our process of reflection.

But why exactly we made a big deal about organic cotton ?!

A few concrete facts about the culture of cotton (non organic):

- It consumed in 2008 nearly 20% of agricultural insecticides and nearly 10% of the pesticides sold worldwide for only 2.5% of agricultural land!

- The production of one kilo of cotton requires more than 5,200 gallons of water (CNRS source) (a T-shirt weighing about 150 grams ...) and up to 30 treatments per year;

- Cotton bleaching frequently requires the use of chlorine or chemicals brighteners;

- Dyeing cotton in turn often requires use of heavy metals such as lead or chromium, obviously toxic.

In contrast, the organic cotton cultivation not only renounce chemical pesticides and fertilizers but also to the genetic modification of seeds ... It requires, in addition, a much smaller amount of water. 

And what is the topic of organic cotton has to do on a design blog?

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Because the design also includes textiles. And especially when it concerns textile products for babies and children, it should challenge us!

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So next time you buy a textile product for your children or for a birthday gift , think about it ! Their prices , although higher, are reasonable (about + 20 %) and are often justified by a superior . And is it not more logical to think long term , especially when it comes to our health?

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