Joe Downing, painter

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As a native of Horse Cave in Kentucky, Joe Downing (1925-2007) takes up residence in France in 1950.

His first years in Paris are those of excitement and discovery. After studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, he went to Paris in 1950, where his painting is gradually moving towards a rhythmic and colorful abstraction very sensual.

The essential work is expressed on canvas, but there always will vary the surface of the material where it operates: old doors, old windows, free or studded leather, Provencal tiles, paper (many "miniature" gouache).

As we watch from his workshops in Paris or Ménerbes, the world Downing notes of magic and plunges the viewer into a restful delight. It is our good poet of form and color. One who awakens in us the creator tried to doze. vital role, we would be tempted to say, but not to startle low, sacred mission as it is true for all of us live, is necessarily (re) create. Last solo exhibition in 2010 at the Museum of Unterlinden in Colmar: "An American in France".

Downing's work is owned by such museums as the Paris Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, as well as the Kentucky Museum in Bowling Green, the Speed Museum in Louisville and the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. Collectors around the world own his work, and he had showings across the globe, including Tokyo and much of Europe, as well as several shows over the years in Kentucky. Downing's natural creativity led him to write several books of poetry and, most recently, a book about growing up in Horse Cave.

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